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Spring is coming

It’s our 2nd Year on the jammy patch, a most gorgeous piece of England’s finest… Cumbria.  This place chose us. It’s a long story but suffice to say we are just so lucky and happy (dare I say Jammy) to have found this blissful patch of earth we call home.

But let’s be honest we need your help…

We want to share the fruits of our labour and the land with you, but there is work to be done. We are respectful of the history of this garden, a wonderful layout designed to be beautiful and productive in this commanding position; we want to make it productive again and even more lovely.

Some areas haven’t been touched for nearly fifty years and there is loads to do….

We are restoring veg to the old patch, bringing masses more wildflowers to the paddock and freeing the wall to wall snowdrops in the orchard from choking on brambles and ivy.

If you are interested in growing things or want to have a go with things like dry stone walling, hedge laying, even tackling some weeds and making bonfires etcetera please talk to me about making that part of your stay…..

Or just come and enjoy the peace and quiet here, the stars, birdsong, the babble of the beck and watch a garden grow.

James 20.3.12 (first day of spring!)

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