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Summer is here!

Having taken time off from my job in TV to run a campsite, I often wonder if I have taken leave of my senses… especially financially. But then I look out of the window…

The rhododendrons have already started Barbara Cartlanding about and there are swallows everywhere. Grass pitches have been mown into the long grass, clover and buttercups – awaiting the first Jammy Campers. The wildflower meadow is growing beautifully; so expect a riot of colour soon.

It’s gorgeous as I write this but there is no time for sunbathing…..

We open for the first ever Jammy Camping weekend on June 2nd which is approaching too fast and we still have to get the shower room finished. Our fall back position is that campers use the downstairs bathroom in the house but our brilliant builder assures us that we can do it in time. (Go Mike!) Ali has been painting the Tea Room and preparing her menus while I am busy fitting the grass protecting mesh to the lower end of the paddock to make an “invisible” car park and creating a barbeque area in a space previously occupied by one of the old greenhouses.

In classic TV style jeopardy there is too much to do and too little time to do it and, more importantly, will anyone come?

You’d be mad not to!

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